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Jason Bourne Infiltrates England!

Matt Damon and his beautiful wife Luciana took over the streets of London where thousands of fans turned out for “The Bourne Ultimatum’s” British premiere.

The Bourne trilogy has been extremely successful, and Matt can hardly believe it.

“Especially considering where we were about five months ago, we're really relieved it turned out so well,” he admitted.

“Extra” double checked Matt’s identity to make sure it was really him and not some imposter cooked up by Jimmy Kimmel, whose show spoofed the movie with Matt’s help.

“Jimmy and I have a running gag on the show,” Damon said. “They e-mailed me the script and it was a no brainer.”

Matt can afford to make fun of himself. “Ultimatum” has already pulled in a cool $130 million, and Forbes just named him the best investment in Hollywood.

“I was aware of that,” Matt said. “And I made sure my friends were very aware of it shortly after.”

Friends named Brad and George, that is!