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Did Britney Just Release a Brand-New Song?

Today TMZ.com received a mystery envelope with a "new" Britney Spears track inside, leading fans to wonder if Britney is about to release an album!

But "Extra" can confirm the song isn't new at all - it's a demo from a 2003 session with New York producers the DFA.

The track, which features a scratch vocal by Spears, was recorded for her "In The Zone" album, but never made it past demo stages. Of the project, producers James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy of the DFA told the Village Voice in 2004 that the collaboration between them and Britney was "weird" and they "won't do that again."

Why the track was leaked to TMZ in the matter it was received is unknown, but chances are it won't be on Britney's long awaited comeback album!