Emmy Joy: 'Sopranos' Stars Hope to Go Out With a Bang; Katherine Heigl in Shock

With a total of 15 nominations, “The Sopranos” swept the 59th Emmy Award nominations this year and is hoping to go out in true Soprano style – with a bang.

“Because it's our last season, to go out with that kind of attention and respect from the industry is good,” said Michael Imperioli, who played Christopher Moltisanti. “I’m happy – it’s always a good thing!”

But standing in the way of TV’s biggest mob family are TV’s best doctors, lawyers, crime fighters and even office managers.

Hot on “The Sopranos’” heels with 10 nominations are the doctors from “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Real life best friends Katharine Heigl and T.R. Knight had a slumber party in anticipation of this morning’s announcement, and when the moment came – they were speechless!

“I think the first 20 to 30 minutes was just, like, shock!” said Katharine.

But T.R. Knight had a little fun Katherine, teasing her about spending the night together.

“She takes advantage of me while I’m sleeping!” he joked.

All joking aside, T.R.’s big nomination was a sort of vindication for him after a tense season at the center of the Isaiah Washington scandal.

For Katharine, it was one more incredible moment in a year that’s already seen her become a breakout big-screen star in “Knocked Up” and a fiancée.

Joining them in their Emmy celebration are “Grey’s” stars Sanda Oh and Chandra Wilson. Their only competition will be Lorraine Bracco and Aida Turturro from “The Sopranos.”