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Robert Downey Jr.’s New Life

After a long, hard journey, Robert Downey Jr. finally has reasons to feel like a real-life superhero.

“Life is great,” says a happy Robert, who after a famous battle with drugs and alcohol finally has his life on track.

Everything about him lights up the set of “Ironman,” Robert’s biggest budget lead role ever, which features Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow and Oscar nominee Terrance Howard.

The attention that the much-anticipated Marvel Comics flick is getting is a far cry from the kind of attention Robert’s been getting most of his life.

Despite his own Best Actor Oscar nomination for “Chaplin” in 1993, he’s been known for his bouts with booze and battles with personal demons.

But now, a sober and happy Robert is heading for true hero status.

“A big part of what is driving me this time is not just a sense of purpose or honor,” explains Robert. “There is ambition in there, too.”

Robert’s been sober for years now, and he’s finally grabbing headlines as one of our era’s most brilliant actors.

“If you want to have a good life and career, and be the best husband and father you can be, then you have to treat your instrument appropriately,” says Robert.

For much of the credit, Robert points to his beautiful wife, movie producer Susan Levin. He happily admits that marrying Susan three years ago was his life’s greatest gift.

“Committing to a relationship, and sticking to it and being monogamous, is heroic,” says Robert. “There’s definitely a soul element when you're in a long term relationship. It’s pathetic how into commitment I am.”