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How to Get Your Own Hollywood Beach Body!

Summer is here and the heat is on in Hollywood!

"Extra's" top pick for best beach bod goes to Jessica Beil, who's got a rock-solid bikini-body that women everywhere envy!

So how does she do it?

"I work out with a trainer all the time, two to three times a week," Jessica admitted. "I do a lot of yoga."

Life and Style's Dawn Yanek said Jess "does everything from snowboarding in the winter to beach volleyball."

Dawn also thinks "Extra's" own Mario Lopez has what it takes to strut his stuff on the beach!

"Mario is one of our favorites," Dawn said. "He loves to box and he loves to run, and we all love to see the results!"

By now, everyone knows Matthew McConaughey isn't a big fan of wearing shirts - it seems that everywhere he goes, he's bare-chested and working out!

But Matthew says there's a reason for that.

"I have one kind of basic rule," Matthew explained. "I try to break some sort of sweat every day."

Jennifer Lopez has a body women everywhere want - and it even makes pal Leah Remini jealous!

"She's the girl you go, 'It can't be that perfect,' and it is. You want to stab her, but she's a nice person so you don't," Leah said.

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