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Lindsay's Birthday Bash Smashed

Exhaustion, rehab and car crashes never stopped Lindsay Lohan from having a good time before, but now it looks like she’s putting the brakes on her hard-partying ways.

The star has canceled her 21st birthday celebration at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas, scheduled for July 2.

"We support Lindsay and wish her the best as she is taking care of personal matters at this time," said Pure rep Kate Turner. "We think the world of her and look forward to working with her in the future."

The party was supposed to be sponsored by a vodka company, but it was officially canceled over two weeks ago, according to her spokesperson – even though PURE was still promoting it!

Concerned fans wondered about Lindsay’s well-being as reports surfaced that she was still planning on partying when she finished her time in rehab.

Last month, Lindsay entered Promises in Malibu after crashing her car and getting a DUI. She’s scheduled to leave rehab sometime this month.