'Sopranos' Finale Controversy: The Great Debate about Tony's Last Supper

It was one of the most talked-about finales of the season.

Everyone was hoping that “The Sopranos” would go out with a bang, exuding the same electrifying passion that made the Sopranos family a household name.

But in the end, all that the show really left behind was a bunch of angry fans!

Still, the show’s stars are defending “Sopranos” creator David Chase’s decision to leave viewers scratching their heads, wondering if their own television’s cable system got whacked.

“I can’t interpret this ending,” said Jamie-Lynn Sigler, a.k.a. Meadow. “I’m not going to. I’m very happy.”

Uncle Junior, otherwise known as Dominic Chianese, also defended the show, explaining, “I like it because it also leaves open something else that may happen. Life goes on.”

James Gandolfini – who made Tony Soprano a television legend – has said he feels relief that the show finished its run.

“It’s calming to move on,” James admitted.

So if frustrated fans weren’t satisfied with Sunday night’s ending, did the producers shoot multiple endings that might pop up later on the DVD release?

Michael Imperioli, who played Christopher Moltisanti, is being coy.

“I don’t know,” Imperioli said. “I wasn’t involved; I was already dead.”

Officially, the answer is no. But nobody is ruling out the possibility of a big-screen version down the road!

“I get the feeling that this may go on,” Dominic Chianese revealed. “Wouldn’t that be great?”

But even if the stars don’t get a movie version of their beloved series, they've still got a few souvenirs from the set to take with them.

Chianese told “Extra” he got to keep Uncle Junior’s glasses!

“I have the hat that I died in,” Michael Imperioli revealed. “That’s a good one!”

“I got my chair,” said Lorraine Bracco, a.k.a. Dr. Jennifer Melfi, of her infamous shrink’s seat.

So that’s it – eight years, 86 episodes. “The Sopranos” are television history!