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How Bono Brought George, Brad, Oprah and President Bush Together


Bono is hitting a surprisingly different note these days, taking on the role of guest editor of the historic new Vanity Fair issue, dedicated to Africa.

The issue features more than 20 hand-picked, world famous luminaries ranging from George Clooney and Bush to Barrack Obama, Brad Pitt and Oprah Winfrey – all snapped by photographer extraordinaire Annie Leibovitz.

The rock mega-star personally asked Vanity Fair Editor Graydon Carter for the chance to try out his second career choice, insisting, “I’m pretty sure that if I wasn’t singing for U2, I’d be a journalist.”

“It took me about two seconds to think about it and say yes,” Carter revealed.

As to what the people on the 20 different covers have in common, Bono revealed. “They're passionate about Africa, and they believe the problems that Africa as a continent faces can be solved."

Each person writes of their own personal connections to Africa, and Bono said Chris Rock's humorous account of his first visit left him in stitches.

“I actually couldn't read it standing up,” Bono insisted. “It was so funny."

Readers can find the new July issue with the cover of their choice at newsstands now.

If you would like to order a particular cover or a set of all 20 of Vanity Fair’s Africa issue, go to vanityfair.com.