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How Carlos Diaz Lost 15 Pounds in 30 Days

After Las Vegas was voted the fattest city in America, “Extra’s” Sin City correspondent Carlos Diaz set out to take the weight challenge.

Now the Slim-City results are in – and Carlos is officially a weight winner!

On April 30, at the beginning of Carlos’ workout tour, he weighed in at a whopping 199 pounds.

Well, one month later – Carlos weighs 184 pounds!

In 30 days, Carlos lost the weight plus four inches off his waist… and four from his butt!

Now that’s an idea we can really get behind.

He did it all with the help of “Workout” star Jackie Warner, who put him on a strict regimen from the start.

She taught him the importance of mixing weights and cardio – always keeping his abs tight while lifting with proper form.

“The more muscle on your frame, the higher your metabolism,” Jackie explained.

To change his eating habits, Carlos went to, which stresses moderation.

“It taught me how to eat portions where I was not overstuffing myself,” Carlos said.

Added Jackie, “People do not understand what a real, reasonable portion is."

No diet pills, no starvation, no workouts twice a day – just eating smaller portions, staying away from sugar, drinking plenty of water and following Jackie’s workout tips.