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Denise and Richie -– Over!

Denise Richards and Richie Sambora are no longer a couple – and they haven’t been for months!

Denise told “Extra” they actually split back in March.

Her rep told In Touch they wanted to keep the whole thing a secret “because both had been in painful divorces.”

We were just with Denise this weekend with her daughters Sam and Lola, where she put on a brave face to go shopping with “Extra.”

Denise and Richie made headlines when they got together in the midst of their public divorces: Denise from Charlie Sheen, Richie from Heather Locklear.

Since then, Denise has declared she will never be friends with Heather again.

However, In Touch is reporting that Denise and Richie are still friends; in April, Denise flew across the country to be with Richie for his father’s funeral.