Meet William Tell: The Eligible Bachelor’s Surprising Answer on What He Looks for in a Woman

Brace yourself ladies – this guy’s got a mic and he knows how to use it!

It’s William Tell, and he is America’s Most Eligible.

This red-hot bachelor is melting hearts as he travels the country on his very first solo tour!

And the women are going wild for this 27-year-old Orange County boy.

There’s good news for all you hopefuls: he’s single and looking for love! But, be warned: he does have a preference.

“I’ve almost always dated blondes,” says William.

Don’t let that stop you if you have one of the things William loves in a woman: a good back!

“I love when you see a girl in a great dress and she has an awesome back,” says this musician.

“Extra” also got the scoop on the one thing that’s not on his list for the perfect woman: a super sexy girl!

Believe it or not, this musician wants a nerdy girl – one that even snorts!

“I like when you meet a girl and they're beautiful and stunning and then you get to know them and they're really geeky and they snort when they laugh,” says William.

This quirky crooner is also confessing there’s one thing he’ll never do on a date.

“I don't do like the singing thing to a girl thing, it always feels cheesy,” says William.

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