'Idol' Scandals: Behind the Scenes!

"Extra" has the scoop on what really went on between Simon Cowell and Lakisha Jones' surprising smooch!

After Lakisha brought down the house with her rendition of Bon Jovi's "This Ain't a Love Song," Simon declared, "Lakisha, I could actually kiss you after that!"

And he did!

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is.

It was all part of Bon Jovi night at "Idol," as the remaining six continued living on a prayer until tonight - when two more hopefuls pack their bags.

But Judge Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest already have their favorites, and only "Extra" knows who!

Randy told our Terri Seymour he thinks it'll be a three-way race between Melinda, Blake and Jordin: what Randy is calling "the big three."

The one racing to the finish line the quickest?

Jordin Sparks!

Both Randy and Ryan are predicting that Jordin has what it takes to be the next "Idol."

"Melinda's been great since the beginning and gotten better, but I think Jordin has come the greatest distance," Ryan said. "She's the one you see a difference in every week."

Speaking of what a difference a week can make...are Sanjaya's 15 minutes of fame going up in smoke?

Scandalous photos of his mom are surfacing, showing her smoking marijuana from a bong!

She's already been convicted on drug offenses.

Tonight, "Idol" is going to weed out two more contestants as the show gets down to the final four.