J Lo on Sanjaya: 'I Think He Sang Beautifully'

More than 26 million viewers witnessed "Idol" hopeful Haley Scarnato get her walking papers Wednesday night, as Sanjaya made it through yet another round and the stars cheered on Jennifer Lopez.

Right after J Lo lit up the stage, we caught Simon Cowell, who only had this to say about the star's performance: "Brilliant, brilliant."

"Extra's" own Terri Seymour was there, and she got the scoop on J Lo's love for "Idol."

"I love it! I get caught up in it, I get caught up in the drama," she admitted.

As for Jennifer's true feelings about Sanjaya, the singer told us, "He was very good, he was very good. He sang very beautifully."

But it was her hubby, Marc Anthony, who took it one step further: "I was telling Jennifer that we were going adopt him and have him move in with us," Marc joked. "We're filing the papers now."

Jennifer's ex-husband, dancer Chris Judd, made his own "Idol" confession to "Extra": he watched J Lo's FOX performance!

"I thought she was great," he said, adding that he too is a Sanjaya fan. "He knocked it out of the park as far as I'm concerned."

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