Billy Ray Dishes on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Billy Ray “Rocked the Casaba” last week, and now the crazy bear is starting to look like a graceful gazelle on “Dancing with the Stars.”

When the country superstar waltzed into the “Extra” studio with partner Karina, it was our Mario Lopez, who tangoed to the top two last season, who was most impressed.

“With me she was like the principal that had to keep me in check,” Mario said of Karina.

Billy Ray quickly shot back, “At least when she hit you she took the time to put on boxing gloves!”

But it’s not just Karina -- the rough routines are also giving Billy Ray a beating.

“As we speak, the left cheek is blue,” Cyrus admitted.

But the hard work is paying off. Billy Ray told us that he’s lost 11 pounds, and his daughter Miley has become his biggest fan.

“She was one of the main reasons and one of the biggest influences for me doing this,” Billy Ray told us.

See if all the hard work pays off, this week on “Dancing with the Stars.”