Richard Gere and His Eye for Beautiful Women

In Richard Gere’s new movie, "The Hoax," the usually suave and handsome actor plays a conniving writer in need of a makeover. We asked Richard about that and more in what became one of the most freewheeling interviews of the star’s long career.

Tanika Ray: How was it wearing a wig for the movie? You get comfortable?

Richard Gere: It’s not a wig.

TR: No?

RG: No!

TR: You permed and dyed your hair for the movie?

RG: I cut back the hairline, permed it. Yeah, I mean my hair was like paper. You’ve got to do parts like this every once in a while because you just run with it.

TR: In the movie, your character has an amazing ability to lie. But I heard in real life you get busted by your wife [Carey Lowell] even when you tell little, white lies?

RG: “Did you look at that girl? Were you looking at that girl?” “No, my head was just over there, I didn't look.”

TR: Does Carey knock you upside the head?

TG: Yeah. You look, of course, and I go right to the a**. A 99-year-old woman, and I go right to the a**. I can’t stop.

Richard Gere's new movie, "The Hoax," opens in theatres April 13th.