Antonella and Frenchie Face Off; But Whose Side Are YOU On?

New racy shots of “American Idol” hopeful Antonella Barba are exploding on the Internet.

“I don’t like all that,” Simon said of the situation. “I think anybody who sneakily sends in private pictures… I think he’s disgraceful.”

While many are left to wonder what the big deal is, there is one person who is crying foul; former “Idol” contestant, Frenchie Davis, who had a few things she wanted to get off her chest!

“I was sort of thrown to the wolves,” Frenchie said of her “Idol” departure.

The 2003 “Idol” contestant was booted off “A.I.” after the show found out she’d previously posed topless for an adult website.

On Tuesday, the Broadway star told our A.J. Calloway she is due an apology.

“There should be something to account for the fact that I was humiliated unnecessarily,” Frenchie said. “I’m totally willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, so I won’t say that I believe it’s a double standard.”

But on Tuesday, even the women of “The View” took Frenchie’s side: “Is it because that Antonella, she’s hot?” Elisabeth Hasselbeck challenged.

As for Antonella, last week’s “American Idol” castoffs told “Extra” she is holding her own.

“You wouldn’t even know it fazed her,” Leslie confessed.

However, 69 percent of the people who took’s poll believe Antonella will get booted off the FOX hit because of the damaging pictures.

With her racy photos putting her “Idol” chances at stake, Antonella thrust herself into another controversy last week when she told Simon he was wrong about Jennifer Hudson (and therefore must be wrong about her potential talent as well).

On Monday, we aired clips of season three in which Simon had only words of praise for the Oscar winning singer to prove that Mr. Mean has been deemed a Hudson basher unfairly.

After watching the evidence “Extra” collected, Simon gave his verdict and revealed what he’d say to Jennifer if the opportunity presented itself.

“I’d say, ‘Thank your lucky stars. You had two lucky breaks in your life: American Idol and Dreamgirls.’ Doesn’t get any better than that,” Cowell said.

Tune into “American Idol” every week on FOX to see how long the controversial brunette will stick around!