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Oscar Crash Diets Revealed

Ever wonder how the stars look extra thin and stunning on the Oscar red carpet? “Extra” knows, and we’re revealing how these last-minute weight busters work!


Nikki Haskell revealed that Starcaps, tiny all-natural miracle pills made from papaya and garlic, are super popular this award season. If you take them for two weeks, she promises big results!

“Starcaps are the diet secrets of the stars,” she insisted. “You could probably lose between eight and 12 pounds.”

“Everybody on the red carpet knows about Starcaps, believe me,” added 70’s supermodel Beverly Johnson. “I have them with oranges because it's a diuretic. I eat my oranges in the morning and take my Starcaps.”

Suddenly Slimmer

Another diet trick, which can help you loose six to 20 inches, is Suddenly Slimmer.

Stars get wrapped in bandages soaked in a special mineral solution, which is supposed to get rid of toxins. They then jump on an elliptical trainer for one hour.

And the best part: the inches are guaranteed not to come back, unless you gain weight.


Ryu-Jitsu, a brand new three-step treatment, will help you squeeze into a too-tight dress with an 11-minute session on a vibrating exercise machine. Then, it’s on to a bed of hot rocks to sweat off the pounds, and finally, an intense wrap treatment.

Now you know how the stars get red carpet ready without even breaking a sweat!

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