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Anna Nicole' Mother: Dannielynn is Mine

From her mother’s mission to take her granddaughter home to a shocking new photo from inside Anna Nicole’s Bahamian refrigerator, “Extra” is at the forefront of all the bizarre new developments in the tragic death of Anna Nicole Smith.

First, we put to rest the rumors about when Anna Nicole actually passed away.

A hotel employee, who asked to remain anonymous, told “Extra” that the former Playmate died before ever leaving the hotel.

“Did you think you were looking at a dead person?” our Carlos Diaz inquired.

“Without a doubt,” the employee answered.

Then there is the bizarre photo taken from inside the fridge in Anna Nicole’s Bahamas bedroom, which contained a cocktail diet of shakes and methadone.

On Monday, Anna’s companion, Howard K. Stern, claimed the picture was staged after the landlord broke in.

But an attorney for the landlord refuted Stern, revealing that is a lie.

As Anna Nicole’s mysterious death continues to unravel, “Extra” landed the first video of Smith’s mother, Virgie, in the Bahamas leaving police headquarters in a limo.

The broken grandmother flew to the tropical paradise as “Extra” learned police are still investigating Daniel Smith’s death.

After losing her daughter and grandson in a matter of months, Virgie declared war Monday with Anna’s longtime lawyer and rumored lover, Howard K. Stern, who said he’ll fight with every last breath to keep his “daughter” out of her hands.

“You’ll never see her as long as I’m alive,” Stern promised.

To complicate matters, on Monday’s “Good Morning America,” Virgie revealed her suspicions about Anna’s lawyer.

“When my grandson died, he was there. When my daughter was there, she died. I fear for my granddaughter,” she confessed. “I want her to be with her father, Larry Birkhead.”

So in the midst of tragedy and turmoil, where is little Dannielynn?

“Extra” got the answer from the landlord’s Bahamian lawyer Goeffrey Pinder, who we interviewed in front of the house.

“The child is right in there,” he motioned. “They probably won’t move the baby because you might see them, and they don’t want you to see them.”

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