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Bindi Irwin Takes On the Big Apple

Bindi and Terri Irwin are taking their very own “Amazing Race” across the continental U.S.

As part of G’Day U.S.A. Australia Week 2007, the Crocodile Hunter’s leading ladies are on tour and sharing stories about their beloved wildlife warrior, Steve.

“The only time I saw him really afraid was at our wedding,” Teri recalled. “The wedding day was the day of terror, sweat dripping off his fingers. He was shaking like a leaf. It was a beautiful thing. He even wore a tuxedo; it was the only time ever he did it!”

Now America, and Hollywood, are falling for the lovable little Bindi.

“When they see you sing and dance, doors are going to open,” Terri told her daughter.

So is moving to L.A. on the horizon for the Irwin clan?

“I really like Australia,” Bindi said. “Australia is my home, I got to say.”

Only “Extra” was backstage with the Irwins after Bindi charmed David Letterman.

When asked what Bindi means, she told the late night comedian, “It means ‘young girl,’ and when I came out of my mom, she just said, ‘Bindi,’ straight up!”

The Irwin gals even rolled out the welcome mat for our A.J. Calloway, with an invite to the land down under.

“Come to the Australia Zoo, and we’ll throw you in with everything!” they promised.

“Oh yeah, come on, we can surf,” Bindi added. “Yeah, I'll teach you.”