Beyoncé's Diet Secrets Exposed

Beyoncé Knowles looks svelter than ever as she brings down the house in this season's most anticipated flick, "Dreamgirls."

And if you had trouble recognizing the pop star, it may be because she trimmed down her trademark curves just for the movie.

"Back in the 60's, Twiggy and all the models were really, really thin," Beyoncé explained. "So if I was a diva during that time, I would want to be thin... and it was hard!"

But how did she lose 20 pounds in a few short weeks? Beyoncé dished her "Dreamgirls" weight loss secrets to us.

"It took me the two weeks to lose 10 pounds because I only had liquids," she revealed. "And then the other 10 pounds just gradually came off. It was hard, and I could never do that for myself, but for this movie, I was so in the zone."

Fortunately, Beyoncé kept her zone to herself!

"Everyone else was eating really bad around me, and I was very grouchy," Beyoncé admitted. "But I didn't let everybody else know, just in my mind."

While Beyoncé wouldn't recommend taking off so much weight in so little time, the movie did accomplish her goal of becoming a completely different character for "Dreamgirls."

"It paid off because now that I gained my weight back," Beyoncé said. "I'm looking at the movie, I'm like, 'Oh my god, who is that? That is not me.'"

"Dreamgirls" is in theaters now.