Jessica Simpson Set to Remake 'Working Girl'

Old world glamour and a new world glamour girl collided Tuesday night at Jessica Simpson's "Employee of the Month" premiere in Los Angeles.

Jessica wore polka dot de la Renta to her Los Angeles premiere and co-star Dane Cook wore a vintage suit.

But the sexy starlet assured us the pair's matching outfits were not planned, just saying, "We do have some of the same peeps."

"I feel wonderful tonight," Jessica added. "I feel just free and fresh."

After a difficult year of very public personal drama, Jessica told us she's ready to have fun.

"I just shot a video a few days ago called 'I Belong to Me,'" she said. "It was a very emotional time for me, and I think the people will experience what I've been experiencing for the past year when they watch it."

As for Jessica's next escape, the star told us she's off to see her sister Ashlee take the stage in "Chicago" in London.

"I cannot wait," Jessica insisted. "I'm so excited for her."

Meanwhile, Jessica has a new role of her own. She broke news to "Extra" that she's starring in a remake of "Working Girl," called "Blonde Ambition."

"I'm so excited about it," she said. "People are going to laugh."

But until then, you can check out Jessica and Dane in "Employee of the Month," which hits the big screen October 6.