Jovi, James and NASCAR

First off, I just wanted to thank everyone for their e-mails last week. It took me a while, but I got around to answering all of them. A special thanks to Beatris V., Roger R. and Wanda F. for their great questions. Keep those e-mails coming! I promise that I will answer all of your Sin City questions personally. And don't forget, for anything you need to know about Vegas, "Extra" has you covered!

This last weekend, I was in Hollywood covering the Oscars for "Extra;" so, I'm extremely bummed that I missed the Rolling Stones at the MGM Grand, Styx at Mandalay Bay and Jay Leno at the Mirage.

I did get a little Vegas love on the red carpet in Hollywood, though. Kevin Zegers, who co-starred in "Transamerica" with Oscar nominated actress Felicity Huffman, told me that Las Vegas is his favorite place on Earth. Kevin just turned 21 last year, so he can now gamble and drink in Vegas (legally). He revealed that when he comes to Sin City, he likes to go old-school by staying at the Flamingo on the Strip. Kevin also said that he prefers the classic feel of Downtown Las Vegas. But Kevin did let it slip that on his next trip out here he's going to be staying at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, so it looks like he's giving the new-school a try. We're going to hook up for a drink when he comes in, and you can read all about that right here next week!

This weekend, Bon Jovi proves there's still room on this planet for the best hair band in the world. Check out Jon, Richie and the rest of the guys at the MGM Grand this Saturday night!

If you're looking for some lighter music, you've got to experience Celine Dion over at Caesar's Palace. It is the ultimate date night!! The show is unbelievable, and Celine is just starting her new run of shows. So, those amazing pipes she possesses will be ready to belt out all of her hits. If you're a woman in town with your friends, you'll love the passion of the music. If you're a guy in town with your friends, you'll love the fact that there are thousands of women at the concert in an extremely romantic mood. It's a win-win.

You want comedy? What better place than Las Vegas to check out "The King of Queens"! Sitcom star Kevin James performs at 10:30 on Friday and Saturday night at the Mirage. Over at the Palms, it's Playboy's Hollywood Comedy Tour featuring nationally known comedians Jon Reep, "The Hemi Guy," and Chris Fairbanks.

If you're a racing fan, NASCAR hits the Strip this weekend! (Well, not the actual Strip because that would be pretty dangerous... not mention very loud.) The UAW-DaimlerChrysler 400 features the biggest names in NASCAR racing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. There's also a Busch Series race on Saturday night!

There's your taste of the action! It's just another quiet weekend in Vegas (Yeah, right!).

Keep those e-mails comin'! And don't forget, "Extra" is the only entertainment show with a full time bureau in Las Vegas 24/7. That's why we say, "What Happens in Vegas, Happens on 'Extra!'"